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Change Food is launching Plant Eat Share - because everyone should have healthy food at their fingertips at any time. For free.

Change Food is launching Plant Eat Share - Communities plant food publicly and share for free. Support me on my birthday!!!

Why Plant Eat Share? Because I have a crazy idea - I believe that EVERYONE should be able to eat and enjoy healthy delicious food - FOR FREE!!

How? I'm pulling together groups around the world that share food with others or plant food in public spaces for anyone to eat. People are already doing this. I'm going to bring it all together and help make it an unstoppable global movement.

We have 12 years and 60 harvests left until we're f***ed - if we don't take action NOW, seriously, we might not be around much longer. Help me do this!! This not only helps with feeding people healthy food, it's a great way to help lessen (dare I say stop??) climate change. YES! Rather than plant just a trillion trees, plant a trillion trees that bear food for all!!!

Thank you!! (Oh, and ps - Social Good Fund is my fiscal sponsor so donating through them does get to my nonprofit Change Food Thanks again!)

Please forward the share this with others. And if you want to help out and be part of the campaign - click the sign up tab up top at https://www.changefood.org/